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Welcome to HooWill Bible College.  I am very pleased that you have expressed an interest in learning more about Christianity for whatever service God has called you.  As you may be aware, HWBC is our ministry. Educating the world to save the world is more than just a motto, it is our calling. 

As you look through these pages, I hope that it is apparent that we are serious about that goal.  Our classes are numerous and our courses are not the easiest, but we are proud to offer them.  We are strong in the belief that by giving people a more solid Christian educational foundation, they will better be able to go through the world and spread His word.

Often we are asked what denomination we are.  I hope that from our course work, you will see that our personal beliefs are not important. Our goal is to offer an education that is truly interdenominational. Our goal is to give you information on Christianity, to give you information on various denominational views and to give you the tools you need to make your own decisions through the scriptures.  Authors of our courses vary across the board on beliefs, and that is not by accident.  Learn the views of one and then the views of another so that you can follow the views you believe are true based on the Word of God.

I’ve referred to our program but now would like to discuss some of the advantages in more particulars. Here are just a few reasons why we are set apart from others.


We believe that HWBC is on the cutting edge of contemporary Christian education. We understand that gaining an education can be very daunting, and in order to relieve some of that stress, we strive to afford each student with personal and intimate contact with staff members.  We have online programs to aid you in getting the support you need. 

Almost everything can be done online because you may use email to send your exams, ask questions about grading, obtain financial information, order transcripts or correspond with any of our staff. You can even make payments and order books online. Call the office for information about online payments. 

Pastor Brian Hoosier 

Who We Are

HooWill Bible College is a Bible based, Christ-centered, online religious institution of higher education.

We exist for the sole purpose of preparing followers of Jesus Christ for Christian ministry. We believe that the Holy Spirit is the ultimate teacher of our students. We provide a biblically sound and academically rigorous curriculum, and a highly qualified and talented faculty. Students are invited and encouraged to study theology in an ongoing attitude of meditation and prayer.

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Why Choose Us


HooWill Bible College is an institution of biblical higher education that exists to provide a Christ-centered curriculum that fosters a biblical world view, empowering students to engage and impact their global society.

The faculty seeks to prepare students for life-long learning to serve Christ in ministry and marketplace professions. While faculty members have unique gifts, experiences, and academic credentials, they collectively engage students through a biblically-based philosophy of education that leads students to glorify and serve the Creator God.


Enjoy an authentic Bible School experience on your terms. HooWill Bible College incorporates connectivity within an online environment. Along with the ability to log on and learn from anywhere with an Internet connection, you will feel fully engaged with fellow students, instructors and your curriculum.

We employ a highly collaborative and easy-to-use learning management system that allows you to access and complete our multi-modal curriculum, receive real-time feedback, collaborate with fellow students, and more.


Complete the contact form on this page or call us at (708) 580 7729 to get started. An online admissions representative will reach out to you, and together you will uncover your professional goals, discuss options for payment and learn all you need to know about HooWill Bible College.

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